Panel Icon Decrease Cost
  • Improve equipment efficiency, yield, and lifespan through predictive maintenance.
  • Respond to issues quickly and unlock hidden performance.
  • Decrease cost through automated parts management and integrated statistical process control provisioning.
  • Keep the operational team informed and engaged to drive greater operational efficiency through real-time notifications.
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Panel Icon Maximize Throughput
  • Capture real-time OEE intelligence across lines, machines and locations for performance diagnostics and troubleshooting.
  • Identify production trends for top down, bottom up continuous improvement.
  • Monitor operations anytime and anywhere from our turnkey, integrated, and secure single-point IIoT platform for effective factory floor management.
  • Achieve continuous manufacturing improvements and production line sustainability with data-to-decision, in minutes, capability.
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Panel Icon Increase Uptime
  • Reduce hours of machine down time, remedy issues, and increase uptime with predictive maintenance and planning.
  • Mitigate down time risk by tracking individual cycle counts on: wear parts, consumables, long lead items, or repairables.
  • Increase uptime with integrated just-in-time ordering of spares and parts kits.
  • Proactively optimize spares provisioning and inventory as part of your maintenance management.
  • Be prepared with color-coded early warning reminders and alerts to keep you current in all your maintenance activities.
  • Capture maintenance log reports of repair events to support: future failure analysis, equipment performance improvements, and continuous enhancement of the work management system.

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Panel Icon Improve Quality
  • Sustain product quality through synchronous and asynchronous processing.
  • Gain visual insight with live stream video for production root cause analysis, and troubleshooting issues – reducing hours of machine down time.
  • Increase control and communication with integrated visual KPIs.
  • Facilitate visual machine learning on parts and product quality control inspection – decreasing hours of operator visual monitoring, performance fatigue, and quality faults.
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Every day, we advance the future of business through smart manufacturing and innovative automation by shifting customers’ manufacturing capabilities. Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence is the engine and brains of our smart manufacturing platform, and your possibilities – allowing you to perform optimally and work in predictive and planned environments that drive sustainable OEE, superior productivity, and ultimately lower cost of goods sold.

At Illuminate™, we take the intelligent operation of your systems seriously.

For superior and sustainable manufacturing OEE, productivity, and product quality, Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence is designed to move you from data-to-decision, in minutes. It provides decisive and transformational insight, and unlocks performance possibilities on the essential machines, lines and processes that power and propel your manufacturing business.

The Illuminate™ platform is a connected factory floor management system for your manufacturing environment.

Illuminate™ software features at a glance

The Illuminate™ solution offers many unique features to provide additional valuable insights into your system performance.

Our global team offers the perfect synergy of experience, manufacturing intelligence, and automation technology to advance factory-floor management solutions for the world's leading manufacturers. Every customer benefits from over 40 years’ of experience, our shared learning of over 23,000 completed projects, and our global services network spanning 23 facilities and over 50 offices in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and China.

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